AFC Unity Send a Message of Support to the National Education Union!

The National Education Union have outlined 5 Tests before a move to increase numbers of children allowed to return to schools can be considered safe enough to not compromise the safety of pupils, school staff and all their families.

These 5 Tests have been agreed across the NEU nationally. They have been supported the British Medical Association, Parentkind (the leading membership organisation for parent teacher associations in England, Wales and Northern Ireland), and by other Trade Unions representing members in schools including Unison, Unite and the GMB.

We recognise that schools have remained open, with very limited numbers of key workers’ children attending, and that teachers have been keeping the schools running – and providing work and support for children at home.

But the proposal to bring several year groups into school on the 1st of June, followed quickly by all other year groups in primary schools, should not be considered until the NEU’s 5 Tests are shown to be met by reliable evidence, peer-reviewed science and transparent decision-making.

AFC Unity stand in solidarity with the NEU Sheffield District Branch, all local Trade Union Branches supporting their position and with the NEU nationally. Young people are the future of this country and the importance of their safety cannot be taken lightly, neither can the health of people working in our schools up and down the country, the health of their families and of the families of pupils.

We call on Sheffield City Council to reconsider its position to not rule out the reopening of schools on 1 June with immediate effect and to engage fully with the Trade Union representatives of school staff to ensure that no school is reopened locally until the 5 Tests are met.