Match Report vs Shaw Lane AFC


By Elliot Makin

The match today was a lively one in the sense that there were continuous gale force winds throughout as well as the contest between the two sides being end-to-end from the first blow of the whistle until the full-time whistle.

Unity got stuck into the game and piled their attack upon Shaw Lane’s defence as Unity’s #11, Gay, had three shots one after another from close range at Shaw Lane’s keeper to which the keeper denied each shot from shooting past her. In the 20th minute was a very well built-up attack from Unity which was ended with a sublime finish from #24, Spillings, who fired her shot straight above Shaw Lane’s #1 and into the back of the net, 1-0. However, just 7 minutes later Shaw Lane’s #9 put away a close range shot which was gifted to her as Lamb saved a great shot which then fell into the path of their #9, 1-1. The game continued its liveliness towards the close of the first half as Unity had a brilliant shot which skimmed over the crossbar.

As the second half opened, Unity’s first attack looked very dangerous and as they progressed up the field, from this attack, Unity’s #16 Smith was able to slot home her chance and make Unity regain their lead making it 2-1. However, in the 58th minute Shaw Lane’s #4 took an audacious shot from outside of the box and her shot went flying into Unity’s goal, 2-2. Shaw Lane decided to keep pushing at Unity’s defence and scored once again allowing them to take the lead for the first time, 2-3. Shortly after this, Unity’s #1, Lamb, came rushing out of her box as a sweeper keeper but was unable to clear the ball which fell to Shaw Lane’s #9 who couldn’t put away her attempt at goal. Through to the dying minutes of the second half, Unity’s #3, J. Watkinson, made a Messi-esque run into Shaw Lane’s box to which she weaved in and out of their defence but was unable to finish her shot at the end of it. The score ends 3-2 giving Shaw Lane AFC their hard-fought win.

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