Launching our Create Space Project!

We are excited to announce the launch of our Create Space project, funded by The Scurrah Wainwright Charity.

Create Space is our innovative women’s street football programme reclaiming public space, challenging gender stereotypes and promoting female confidence, health and fitness, leadership and skill sharing!

The project will feature 10, 1-hour training sessions from the 1st of July at The U-Mix Centre, 17 Asline Road, Lowfield, Sheffield, S2 4UJ between 1-2pm and is free to attend for women (16+ years old) of all experience and ability levels. At the end of the 10 weeks will be a City Centre football flash mob!

The purpose of the project is to utilise the power of football to encourage women to reclaim and use public space, which is often male dominated especially when it comes to playing football. The project is also about breaking down gender stereotypes with women playing football together as a collective in a public space.

Women will also hand out leaflets regarding women’s football, the importance of public space, breaking down gender stereotypes and the benefits of football for women – with quotes from the women. The leaflets will be produced in consultation with the women during the training sessions.

There is no specific women’s only street football programme, especially one that challenges gendered dimensions of public space which is often forgotten when street football and freestyle football is promoted.

To get involved, please get in touch!