Solidarity Soccer Participant Spotlight: Jodie Spillings

Solidarity Soccer is our innovative community based football training initiative for women which has empowerment, skill sharing and a personalised approach shaping it. We have a session running at Hillsborough College and another session based at Concord Sports Centre, running weekly – we have plans to expand the initiative into more areas and engage more women in the sport in a unique way.

We spoke to regular Solidarity Soccer attendee Jodie Spillings about her experiences of Solidarity Soccer, and what kind of impact it has had on and off the pitch – Jodie has won the Role Model Digital Award and has become a popular participant on the initiative.

AFC Unity: In a few words, how would you describe Solidarity Soccer to someone who hasn’t been?
Jodie: It’s a great way to meet new people and have fun in a really relaxed session with the opportunity to learn new skills.

AFC Unity: What would you say to someone who hasn’t been to Solidarity Soccer if you wanted them to come along?
Jodie: Come and give it a go; you’ll love it. digitalawardsrlmdl

AFC Unity: Has Solidarity Soccer had an impact on your life outside football?
Jodie: I feel more confident as a person.

AFC Unity: Has Solidarity Soccer helped you with 11-a-side football at all?
Jodie: Yeah, I feel more confident whilst on the ball and it’s improved my fitness a lot!

AFC Unity: If you could pick one word to describe Solidarity Soccer what would it be?
Jodie: Awesome!

AFC Unity: What has been your favourite skill to learn and why?
Jodie: I have enjoyed learning them all to be quite honest. Don’t think I could just pick one.

AFC Unity: Anything else to add?
Jodie: Everybody should come along. More the merrier.

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